Stay healthy while working out with F45 Training in Northgate!

What are your training goals? Getting your first pullup or gaining muscle? If they don’t include injury prevention, you should rethink how you’re training!

Injuries are things that many of us don’t want to think about, but they do happen. They range from mild tendonitis to chronic back pain, and if they go unaddressed they can end up keeping us from the training we love so much.

At F45 Training in Northgate, we want everyone to feel great when they’re working out with us! Take a moment with us today and learn more about incorporating injury prevention into your training. 

Injury Prevention 101

While you can’t always completely mitigate injuries, there are things you can do to help keep them at a minimum and keep you crushing your goals! 

Learn the correct movements.

If you’re new to lifting weights or performing new movements — squats, pushups, dumbbell flyes, etc. — it’s vital to learn their correct form, especially for injury prevention. If you learn something it creates bad habits which can lead to injuries down the line.

Our Northgate location at F45 Training has created a demo time right before the warm-up that takes you through all the movements in that day’s workout. Here you can ask questions and ensure that you’re learning the correct form.  

Never skip a warm-up.

Warm-ups tend to be skipped as a result of a time crunch, but in the long run, it’s not worth the risk. Going straight into a workout with cold muscles, often after you’ve been sitting all day, is not a good idea, this is how muscle strains and other serious injuries can happen. 

At F45 Training in Northgate, we’ve built in a warm-up directly into your training, so there’s no excuse! 

Cross Train

Implementing cross-training into your weekly schedule is huge — this way your training doesn’t go stale and you can move your body in different ways. And, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be running a couple of times a week, hiking, biking, yoga, and more. 

Switching things up is also great for your body’s fat-burning capabilities, too!

Have good gear. 

When you’re training hard, make sure your gear can keep up with you! Wear supportive shoes whether you’re running or getting in a couple of HIIT workouts each week — shoes make a huge difference and you can definitely avoid foot pain when you replace them accordingly! 

Listen to your body.

It’s easy to fall in love with F45 workouts, but your body will give you subtle clues if you’re overdoing it. If you’re overly sore for prolonged periods, you’re fatigued more than usual, or if something begins aching and won’t go away. This is the time to listen to your body and scale things back until your body feels better. 

Know your limits.

We often operate out of what we could do in the past, and this can lead straight into an injury if you’re not careful — just because you could run a sub-six minute mile 10 years ago doesn’t mean you should today! Be realistic about a new training routine and avoid doing too much, too soon. Steadily increase the time and intensity of your workouts for the best injury prevention. 

Consider your nutrition and lifestyle choices.

What you do and consume outside of the gym is just as important as the training you put in. Smoking and drinking excess alcohol are not only going to affect your long-term goals, but they impact how your body recovers. Similarly, the food you eat is just as impactful. You need a good balance of foods that fuel your body so getting enough carbs and protein will not only help in muscle recovery, but it will also provide you the energy you need day in and day out to perform.

Injury prevention is just as important in your training as the workouts themselves — you want to be able to stay healthy as long as possible by giving your body the tools it needs to do so. This involves using the correct form with every movement, warming up, cross-training, wearing the proper gear, listening to your body, knowing your limits, and making good nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Are you ready to level up your training routine? Connect with F45 Training in Northgate today!