For Fat Loss, Choose HIIT

HIIT has been the hype for some time now, but what is HIIT? At F45 in Queen Ann, our HIIT workouts combine short bursts of intense exercise with rest or low-intense exercise in-between — a beautiful combination of aerobic and resistance training.

A very traditional and science-backed HIIT workout is based on a 4X4 workout. You begin with a short 5-minute warm-up followed by four, four-minute intervals. This could be one minute of sprinting, followed by an interval of jogging and a three-minute recovery period, repeated three more times.

To get the most of a HIIT workout — fat loss focused — your heart rate is key. Scientific research has shown that in order to achieve the highest amount of fat loss, your heart rate needs to reach at least 80% of its maximum capacity for one to five minutes. This can be hard to monitor, so consider investing in a heart rate monitor.

HIIT is beneficial for fat loss because it’s the high-intensity exercises that disrupt your body’s homeostasis, taking more energy and oxygen to return to its base levels. There is also the concept of the afterburn effect — burning calories within a 24-hour period after your workout has ended.

Couple HIIT with weight training and it’s fat loss heaven for your body! The more muscle you have, the more effective your body is with the afterburn. This results in a higher resting metabolism that can quickly burn the fuel in your body.

Weightlifting and Fat Loss

You’ve heard it here first, weightlifting builds muscle! As we mentioned above, the more muscles you have the more calories your body will burn. Weightlifting is a great training component to add to your HIIT workouts because your body is forced to build muscle.

When you look at running and weightlifting, we know that with running, you will most likely burn more calories within the hour; weightlifting, on the other hand, will burn some calories while you’re working out, but even more afterward to support the muscles you just built. This, in turn, increases your metabolism because your body is building more muscle.

Don’t Overthink It

It’s easy to overthink fat loss — we’ll try just about everything for results. It is important, however, to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight, so staying consistent is really what’s going to help yield results.

One of the greatest advantages of a HIIT workout is that it can be done in a relatively short amount of time and provide you with amazing fat loss results.

On your fat loss journey, you may also want to examine your diet, and this too, can get over complicated. Just stick to eating clean and avoiding the junk. More veggies, healthy fats, and protein, and less processed foods and beverages.

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