New Year Resolutions…

Some people think they are a trite waste of time, while others use them as a springboard for genuine self-improvement. Whether you are a natural cynic or someone who gets crazily pumped up from a #fitnessmotivation quote, it’s all about perspective. 

Hey, even cynics need to improve themselves if they want to be happy about their lives. So our take here at F45 Training in Seattle is — get over yourself and make the changes you want to live a better life! You don’t have to use a sappy fitness quote as fuel, and you don’t have to call it a new year’s resolution either; just do what works for you. 

We want to tell you what works for us and thousands of others across the planet for the rest of today’s F45 Training blog. Let’s go.

Three F45 Gyms In Seattle

We’ve got three functional HIIT training gyms in Seattle: Northgate, the Central District, and Queen Anne. At any one of our F45 locations, you can expect to find a positive community filled with passionate people who are ready to get to work alongside you.  

The “F” stands for functional training, which is our unique blend of circuit and HIIT-style training workouts geared to help you be functionally fit (everyday movements). At the end of a 45-minute workout, you’ll have gotten your money’s worth; burn up to 750 calories with a full-body workout to improve energy levels, strength, metabolic rate, and endurance!

Start Your Free Trial

We could go on and on about all the benefits of HIIT training, functional fitness training, and F45 more generally. We will, just not in today’s blog. At the end of the day, it’s time to start 2020 right. It’s time to kick-start your decade with life-changing team training in Seattle. Learn more about F45 here and start your trial here. Come see us soon!