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At F45 Training in Seattle, our goal is to give you the most effective workout possible in just 45 minutes. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, F45 functional fitness workouts combine HIIT and circuit training and are designed to address all of the muscle groups of the body. As a result, you’ll feel stronger and improve your endurance. We aim to burn up to 750 calories per session, through full body workouts. Functional fitness training leads to improved metabolic rate, energy levels, endurance, and strength. At F45 you will benefit not only from our expert trainers but our group fitness classes, as well. 

Team Training

Our group fitness classes allow our members to motivate each other, improve together, and connect socially. We value the spirit of team training and community building. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are starting at, you will still be able to follow along during our group classes and see improvements over time. Our members help each other improve and transform with a no-ego mentality.

Despite the fun we have, we also know that you are crunched for time and need a quick, efficient workout to fit into your busy life. One of the ways we achieve this goal is to utilize HIIT workouts. The question follows: is a HIIT workout really that effective?

What’s HIIT Got To Do With It?

First, let’s talk about what we mean when we say HIIT? HIIT stands for High-Intensity-Interval-Training. During a HIIT workout, you will perform short intervals of high-intensity exercises, with rest or recovery periods between each set. This formula allows you to push yourself to your maximum aerobic exertion, while still sustaining your workout over the 45-minute class. The result is an intense and efficient cardio session, allowing you to get an incredible workout in a shorter amount of time.

At F45, we are particularly suited to provide short interval, HIIT workouts. We have over 4,000 exercises and 36 workouts in our portfolio. As a result, our workouts never become repetitive or boring, and you’ll never take the same class twice!

The Benefits Of HIIT

You’ll find that HIIT workouts are beneficial, not only because they are time-saving. When you perform HIIT workouts, you will notice important physical benefits over time. Here are just a few health benefits you can experience with these short, effective workouts:

  • Burning calories now and later. Everyone knows that cardio workouts burn calories. By pushing yourself to the highest level of intensity, your metabolism will be elevated. Our goal is for you to burn about 750 calories in 45 minutes. Since your body requires a significant amount of oxygen to perform at a high intensity, you will not only burn calories during the workout, but after as well. This is due to your body’s need to replace the energy you’ve used and repair your muscle proteins.
  • Training your body to recover. During the high-intensity periods of your workout, your body will produce metabolic waste such as lactic acid. The rest intervals in between allow your body to recover and remove metabolic waste products so that you are ready to perform the next high-intensity section. Ultimately, you are training your body to recover quickly and you will increase your aerobic endurance over time.
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness. HIIT is more effective at improving your cardiovascular fitness than continuous low or moderate intensity training. As a result, your blood vessel function and health is improved, which is important for reducing future risks of cardiovascular disease. 
  • Increased oxygen consumption. With consistent high-intensity exercise, your oxygen consumption will improve. This means that your cardiorespiratory system will be able to more efficiently use oxygen. Why does this matter? Increasing your oxygen consumption and improving your cardiorespiratory health will improve your endurance as well as your ability to handle short bursts of physical exertion, such as running up the stairs. It will also make your HIIT workouts easier over time!
  • Building muscle and improving strength. After your workout, your body will work to repair damaged muscle proteins. To do this, you will produce higher levels of growth factor-1, human growth factor, and testosterone to repair your muscle tissue. Over time, this leads to increased muscle volume and definition.

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We hope we have cleared up some of the mystery surrounding HIIT and convinced you to add it to your exercise routine! The best way to continue exploring HIIT is through our functional fitness classes at F45 Training. For your convenience, we offer a week-long free trial, so that you can give our classes a try. We are confident that you will love training at F45 in Seattle!

If you have any remaining questions about our fitness classes or would like to sign up for your free trial today, please don’t hesitate to contact us!