Reviews matter to us. Not only because they are important for any business in 2019, but because it lets us and our prospective Seattle gym members know how we are doing. Whether the feedback is positive or constructive, we take each review, testimonial, or bit of verbal feedback as an opportunity. It’s either an opportunity to encourage our staff about the great job they are doing or, conversely, identify areas for improvement. 

Functional Fitness Gym Reviews

We aren’t perfect, but we are always growing and learning. And while every business under the sun is bound to get a bad review from time to time, we are proud of our reputation here at F45 Training — both online and offline. 

That is exactly why we want to take the opportunity to highlight a few of our favorite reviews we’ve received over the past few months. We figure there’s no better way for our prospective gym members to learn about our HIIT training and functional fitness workout classes than to read it straight from those who have made F45 Training a part of their lifestyle!

That said, let’s dive in. 

Great Space, Enthusiastic Members And A Friendly Welcoming Environment

Thanks to Karalyn and the trainers (Emily and Jenna) for welcoming me to their F45 gym while I was visiting from Australia. They have a great space, enthusiastic members and a friendly welcoming environment that can cater for first-timers all the way through to the fittest of fit. Hoping to see you again next time I’m in Seattle.” – George Z., Five Stars, Google Reviews

George, we loved having you visit us, all the way from where F45 Training originated in Australia! It’s great to hear that we’ve captured the essence of F45 with our space, enthusiastic members, and a welcoming staff. What’s more, it’s awesome to hear that both first-timers and experienced gym members will find our workouts challenging yet completely doable at the same time! Thanks again for taking the time to visit us and leave us a kind review, George! Please come see us again soon.

I Felt Like A Regular Within One Class

I am a regular F45-er near my home in Texas; I visited the F45 Capital Hill in March while in Seattle for work and it was great! The staff was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable – I felt like a regular within one class 🙂 Great workout and great people!” – Maureen M., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Another out-of-towner, this time hailing from Texas! Maureen, we loved reading your five-star review, so thanks for stopping by and working out with us! We love hearing that you found our staff to be helpful and warm. We can’t think of many compliments that are better than that you felt like a regular after completing only one functional fitness class with us! Thanks again, Maureen.

You Can Vary The Workout To Your Own Level

Great workout! Such a variety to keep you motivated and going. The trainers are awesome and help with form and get the most out of each station. You can vary the workout to your own level, beginner to expert. Obsessed.” Vahladin, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Vahladin, thanks for validating our gym class with your glowing, five-star review (see what we did there?). We wanted to include your review because it highlights how much variety there is in our workouts; with over 4,000 movements and 36 unique workouts in our database, you won’t ever do the exact same workout twice! What’s more, the point about being able to modify the workout to your own level is also valid. Thanks for your excellent points and for taking the time to let us know how we are doing, Vahladin!

The Staff There Are Sweet, Patient, And Very Accommodating

“I have been going to F45 Training on Cap Hill for a few weeks and it has been life changing for me! Just a few weeks in, and friends … (even strangers) are commenting on how toned my arms and legs are getting. The staff there are sweet, patient and very accommodating to people with injuries or to people like me who have less than stellar form and coordination. I am surprised at how much I am able to push myself just a little bit more with the staff’s encouragement. When I think I have nothing left in the tank, they can motivate you to give it one more in the set! …” -Dani, Five Stars, Google Reviews

We weren’t able to include all of Dani’s wonderful review here, but we grabbed a couple of our favorite parts to underscore. Dani, we love having you at our Capitol Hill gym. It’s amazing to hear about how much impact the HIIT workouts have had on you in so little time! It goes to show that, if you really go for something and do it the right way, dramatic results are possible. 

Another element we loved was how you highlighted our accommodations for folks with injuries or other concerns. We do our best to make sure everyone is comfortable — while still guaranteeing that you will be stretched and challenged like never before at an F45 group fitness class! Thanks again, Dani!

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