We are so excited to get the opportunity to share with people in Seattle what F45 Training is all about! As this is our inaugural blog here at F45 Training Seattle, today’s post will serve as a basic primer for F45 Training and what you can expect when you visit one of our three Seattle gyms:

If you are not familiar with group fitness, HIIT training, or functional training, this blog is for you. We’ll discuss the theory and practice of functional fitness training and what you can expect when you complete an F45 workout. Let’s dive in!

What Are F45 Functional Fitness Workouts?

Simply put, our functional training workouts are designed to unify the muscle groups of the body in order to help you move and feel stronger in every aspect of your life. 

Group Fitness Seattle

Through team training (group fitness), you have the opportunity to transform your lifestyle both physically and mentally. By encouraging others and being encouraged by them, it creates a positive feedback loop where everybody wins. That translates to superior motivation, improved consistency, and getting connected socially. 

Functional HIIT

Through utilizing high-intensity-interval-training, we maximize the effectiveness of our Seattle gym classes through a full-body workout. HIIT has been shown to improve energy levels, metabolic rate, endurance, and strength. It’s the most efficient way to get the most out of your workouts. 

45-Minute Workouts

Speaking of efficiency, F45 is probably the most time-efficient way of exercising. We aim to burn in the ballpark of 750 calories during each 45-minute training session of circuit and HIIT training in our Seattle gyms. Below, we highlight our cardio, resistance, and hybrid fitness class types which you can take at any of our three Seattle fitness centers.

  • Cardio on Mon, Wed, Fri – We’ll put your cardiovascular conditioning to the test with a HIIT and circuit session that wastes no time. Set your metabolism up for success for the rest of the day with this intense, effective cardio workout. 
  • Resistance on Tues, Thurs, Sun – Resistance is all about combining functional movement patterns with resistance workouts to facilitate a full-body burn. When we say burn, we mean burn (insert three to five fire emojis here)! Fair warning: after this workout, you might need to recover for an hour or two, but your body will be cut like nobody’s business.  
  • Hybrid on Sat, Sun – Put your stamina and strength to the test with a hybrid workout class. With the perfect blend of strength and endurance exercises that feature both resistance and cardio training, you’ll earn your weekend fun with these Saturday and Sunday group fitness classes in Northgate, Queen Anne, and the Central District. 

See Results

With over 4,000 exercises and 36 unique exercises in our portfolio, you’ll never take the exact same workout class twice. This helps keep your body guessing, to put it simply, ensuring that your muscles and brain never get in the proverbial comfort zone. 

At the end of the day, F45 Training is all about working hard and smart to see dramatic results. Through intelligent and consistent nutritional habits, F45 gives all gym members access to a free, customized personal nutrition program to help you meet your health objectives. Our program includes daily meal plans, tracking, and community support to help you keep your eyes on the prize. 

Team Training. Life Changing.

If you are ready to start your first class and join the F45 community, you can start your free trial at your convenience. We hope that this first blog post has inspired you to give our functional fitness classes a try; we are confident you’ll quickly be convinced that this is the place for you!