Pretty much everyone wants to be fit and in good shape, but not everyone is willing to put in the work. But for Father Time catches up with all of us, sooner or later, and even the most diligent among us cannot rely on exercise alone to meet our fitness goals. 

For most of us, our metabolisms start to slow down once we reach middle age. So even if you are an F45 member in Queen Anne, the Central District, or Northgate (and attend our group fitness classes regularly, we might add), you might become frustrated because you aren’t seeing 100% of the dividends you had hoped for. That’s where nutrition comes into the picture. Simply put, if you are eating whatever you want, whenever you want, it’s going to impact your results. 

Don’t get us wrong, if you come to our HIIT-style workout classes in Seattle, you’ll reap plenty of rewards. Our functional fitness gym is all about combining circuit and HIIT workouts geared toward everyday movement. In 45 minutes, you’ll become stronger, faster, and healthier. Plus, you’ll feel the power of joining the F45 movement, where it’s all about the community!

Don’t Eat These Foods If You Want To Burn Belly Fat

That said, nutrition plays a huge role in helping you get the results your hard work deserves. That’s why we are dedicating today’s blog to highlighting seven foods and drinks you should avoid at all costs if you are looking to burn off that belly fat and finally get that six-pack! 


Let’s start off with one most all of us are familiar with — alcohol. To be clear, not all alcohol is created equal; beer has much higher caloric content than whiskey, for example. But despite the fact that research shows having an alcoholic beverage each day can help reduce the risk of heart disease, the combination of empty calories and zero nutritional value spells bad news if you are trying to trim up. 

Diet Soda

While the name suggests that it’s healthier than regular soda, diet soda is not without its own set of concerns. In fact, it’s not healthier than regular soft drinks t all; diet soda contains artificial sweeteners which consequently trigger your appetite. If you are trying to get a toned stomach, an appetite stimulant is probably not ideal. 

Salad Dressing

Here’s a dark horse. Heavier salad dressing, like ranch or blue cheese, is often filled with fat and empty calories. You might feel great about getting those leafy greens in your diet — and you should — but you can quickly ruin what you are trying to accomplish with a generous helping of ranch. Instead, go for oil and vinegar, olive oil and salt, lemon juice, or your own delicious alternative!

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is a tough one. While it can be nutritious to one degree or another, there’s a big difference between food and beverage calories. Fruit juices are typically quite high in sugar content as well. 

Processed Meats

Processed meats are not good for you. They are filled with nitrates, fat, and sodium, which is a lovely cocktail for water retention and bloating. Stay away from lunch meat and such if you can. 

Granola Bars

Granola bars can be a proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. The packages usually highlight the nutritional value of the bar inside by using vague terms like “high fiber,” “high protein,” and “all natural.” The cold reality is that these companies make processed bars in order to increase profits more than provide nutritional value. While many of these bars aren’t strictly unhealthy, they’re usually jam-packed with sugar and should be consumed in moderation. 


Did you know that one baked potato has the same nutritional impact as eating a tablespoon of sugar? They are empty calories. Once the sugar-high comes crashing down, you’ll essentially be as hungry as you were in the first place. If you are trying to lose weight and tone up, it’s simply not worth eating sugars without being able to taste the sweetness!

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