If you are wondering if your life will improve once you get fit, we can help — yes, it will. 

Now, not everyone is the same and each person has their own definition of what wellness and “being fit” means to them, but for the sake of conversation, let’s say that being fit is congruent with being healthy and well. 

If you are wondering what kind of positive changes you are apt to experience, you’ve come to the right place in F45 in Seattle. We are a functional fitness gym in Seattle with an awesome community of people who work hard and play hard. If you are looking for fitness motivation, all you need to do is come to your first F45 class in Queen Anne, Northgate, or the Central District. You’ll quickly learn what our HIIT-style, uber-intense group fitness classes are all about!

That would be the easy way to learn first-hand how much positive energy exists in a room full of motivated, passionate people. But, seeing as how you are reading a blog, the best we can do in this medium is to tell you how your life will change for the better. That said, let’s dive in and highlight a few things you might experience on your own personal fitness journey!

Increased Energy Levels

It’s no secret that implementing a workout regime can give you improved energy levels in both a physical and mental capacity. Most people are insanely busy trying to juggle work, family life, without forgetting about a social life. 

It’s hard to imagine being able to carve out the time to fit in a consistent workout routine, but consider this: once you get in the exercise groove, you’ll actually have more energy to knock out all the other stuff life throws at you. The University of Georgia found that the blood flow you achieve during exercise helps improve the carrying of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. This has the net effect of more energy. The study also noted that all you need to do is to exercise moderately for just 20 minutes a day, three days per week for a total of six weeks to help you with fatigue!

What’s more, we bet you will sleep better once you establish a fitness routine. Naturally, this will improve your energy levels throughout the day. 

Less Stress

Harvard Medical School has extensively researched this topic and found what you’ve likely already heard once or twice in your life — exercise helps moderate stress hormones. To be more precise, stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are controlled while endorphins levels rise, making you feel great! Exercise has also been shown to increase dopamine and serotonin, two neurochemicals associated with making you feel at ease and happy. 


For the purposes of part one, we’ll wrap up with improved confidence. While it’s not as scientific as neurochemical boosts, there’s no denying that getting fit gives you an added layer of self-confidence. You’ll feel better about how your clothes fit, you might enjoy going out in public more, and you’ll even look better in the buff! Imagine not worrying what others are thinking about how you look when you go out! Or at least, imagine not worrying about it as much. After all, we’re only human. 

At the end of the day, this translates to improved emotional and mental health. Get 1 Week Free at F45 Training in Seattle! And be sure to keep an eye out for part two in the near future, where we’ll discuss even more ways your life will change for the better once you get your butt into gear!