Are You Looking For A Change?

Have you hit a roadblock on your path to having a healthier lifestyle? Are you tired of the stagnant, detached fitness center environment that runs rampant in our society? You can have a gym and fitness center experience that is worth getting excited about, and you don’t have to experience it alone! Joining a group fitness program means that we can travel farther, reach further, lift more, and laugh louder than could ever be possible alone. Here are 5 reasons that you should start your free trial at F45 HIIT Functional Fitness Gym & Group Fitness Center in Seattle today. Your spot is waiting for you!

1. No One Is An Island

You may know someone who has had great success through an individual fitness practice, and maybe that works for them — but there are aspects to group fitness that could make all of the difference in the world to you in regards to your success. When you come to F45, you’ll experience the joy and excitement that comes with getting fit with a group of people that desire the same goal as you. When we’re all in the same boat together, we can offer each other motivation, encouragement, and accountability that simply doesn’t exist in an independent experience. Camaraderie with the men and women you train with will instill in you a desire to keep coming back again and again. There is a tangible bond that is created between people when they push themselves together, when they sweat, struggle, fight, and grind their way through challenges and come out the other side victorious! Your victories become their victories, and vice versa.  This human connection that comes with group fitness is invaluable, and you will experience it on a profound level at F45 in Seattle.

2. We Are Each Other’s Strength

When you are facing any challenge alone, you only have yourself to rely on. Having inner-strength is important, vital even, but when you stumble, having someone beside you to pick you up can be the difference between success and failure. When you push yourself in a group environment, you can capitalize on the energy and strength of the group as a whole. In this way, a group fitness plan is not a selfish endeavor, but a cooperative one that seeks the success of the entire group. The stronger you become, the stronger your neighbor becomes. Being in a group allows you to feel more comfortable pushing yourself. There is something called the “Köhler Effect,” which basically is the idea that no one wants to be the weakest link in a group environment. This natural self-motivator that kicks in while in a group setting is not something that you experience when working out alone. When we are all striving for the same goal, and working at achieving it together, the rising tide raises all ships, so to speak. Individual strength becomes a cumulative, group strength.

3. We Are Each Other’s Exhilaration

There is a palpable mental advantage to being in a group fitness setting. While it is entirely possible to achieve an inner mental “high” while working out individually, it is much more common in a group environment. When we sweat and strive for greatness together, that excitement and energy becomes contagious. This energy that comes from getting fit together can be a boon to helping you create healthy fitness habits that stick, because they’re just plain fun! The enjoyment that comes from an experience is greater when that experience is made as a group. Happiness releases endorphins into your bloodstream, and your physiology actually changes because you’re having a great time. A work out becomes less like work and more like play, and you’ll look forward to the experience because of the way it makes you feel. 

4. We Are Each Other’s Teachers & Students

While you will have a friendly, experienced, and excited trainer for each of our classes, being a group environment presents opportunities for us to share our successes and to learn from our failures. If you see someone in your group struggling in a specific way that you’ve found success, you can share what process or technique worked for you. Our trainers will make sure that everyone is performing exercises properly, but the human element of learning and working together allows us to share our success stories. If you are trying to find a healthy routine alone, you may be doing something incorrectly, or even potentially damaging, and not even realize it. Spotting problems and helping each other to course-correct can be the difference between victory and defeat. This team dynamic and advantage simply does not exist outside of a group fitness environment.

5. We Are Each Other’s Commitment

Seeking a healthier, fitter lifestyle can be much easier when you’re accomplishing it in a group fitness routine. Being committed to a group can develop a healthy form of peer-pressure. The pressures involved in a group setting at F45 are encouraging, and are founded in the belief that together, we can succeed and achieve. When you depend on a group, the urge to skip a class or quit altogether diminishes, because “your” strength and “their” strength becomes “our” strength. A study released by the US National Library of Medicine found that individuals who take part in a group program have a 95% commitment rate, compared to 76% who opt for individual programs. Being in a group of like-minded people who believe in your success and are rooting for you is shown to be the most effective environment in which to thrive. 

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